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person who :
Is stationed more than 5 seconds on a spot

Is unseeable without checking every spot
Is in prone so even if u look everywhere they just lie somewhere camouflaged.
Is unfair playing and doesn't have skill enough (nube) to just walk around.
A person who has a sniper equiped is no camper because it is the purpose of a sniper rifle to kill someone at a safe , unseen range and not to make close quarter kills!
Killed by camper:U f*cking camp3r g3t sum sklLLs and d0nt camp!
by kills nub3s December 28, 2009
7 6
In a circle of smoking companions, a person whose turn takes an unreasonable amount of time.
Quit camping and pass the bowl!
by thc September 16, 2004
27 26
An online player who places him/herself in a single spot for a prolonged period of time while continuously killing other online players who roam into their line of sight. Campers are most common in First-Person Shooter games like Call of Duty.
"Hey, check out that camper!"
"Yeah, what a Noob."
by SpecOps150 January 25, 2012
2 2
In video games it is a sad, sad, cowardly player who would have more fun sitting in one than actually running around to earn their kills and experience the full extent of the game. Basically they are just pussies who are horrible at the game and can't get a kill without sneaking up on someone or having some sort of tactical advantage.
That damned camper has been sitting in one spot the who game
by StraightUpBeastin March 10, 2011
4 4
Definition 1
Noun: a vehicle without an engine or means of moving besides being towed. The vehicle is equipped with sleeping space and kitchen. Often used for vacations or as cheap housing.
Definition 2
Noun: a person who attends a camp or goes camping.
Definition 3
Noun: a person in a multiplayer game (usually a massively multiplayer online game) who hides in a tactically advantageous spot near a spawn point (or start) as such they can rack up kills like no one's business. Term is often pejorative.
Example 1: it must be 112 degrees in that damn camper.
Example 2: OK witch one of you campers stole my tent.
Example 3: fucking campers. I can't get 5 steps from spawn before I'm dead.
by don_h August 19, 2009
4 4
Someone who sits at your table in your section at work after there done eating and wont get the fuck up.
Look at those campers there they wont get the fuck you.
by sharkyspier March 24, 2009
3 3
A phrase coined by forgetful gamers describing someone they forgot killed them in the exact same spot not 10 seconds earlier. It's a form of strategy that keep your kills higher then your deaths. That's how you win wars. No modern wars were ever won by people running around in the open. Any tactician will tell you.

It is often frowned upon especially during deathmatch style games since it is assumed everyone is running around and blasting. During the chaos a camper can rack up a good score easily. But if you want to win you have to play smart.
Gamer 1: F*ckng camper! That's such bllsh*t!

Gamer 2: Well instead of running into that room again, throw a grenade, be more cautious, or avoid the room entirely and force the camper to move. A camper will move if you don't voluntarily give him an easy shot.

Gamer 1: Whatever it's still bllsh*t.
by ToHi2Play May 19, 2012
12 13