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The fear of people who wear camo clothing
Stay away i have camophobia
by S i m m o July 07, 2006
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Like any other phobia, its a fear of saomething...camo (or camouflage)
Not the camo people wear in the army or the cadets, the shit people actually wear around the place, worst style/fashion, was never in..never will be. DONT WEAR IT!!
ryan: omg u better not wear that shit, i have camophobia
liam: bluddy oaf youd better not
elliot: what are you talking about, camo is cool
ryan: LMAO, u suck..weirdo
elliot: stop bagging out my cool camo
ryan: AHAHA no, camophobic
laim: camo is for the army dudes, not retards who want to wear it around the place
by Ryan, MOTLEY CRUE June 22, 2006

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