More reffered to as a pervert who loves nothing more than getting girls drunk and his car :)
"here mate, did you hear about cammy?"
"no what?"
" he got another 5 years, touching kids again"
by ilovekamusutra December 30, 2011
She is a sexy blonde from Street Fighter. Cammy's past is shrouded in mystery...and she can't remember much of it, either. She has been brainwashed by M.Bison to be a deadly assassin, but broke free of his control after he tried to kill her, but only succeeded in scarring her face. Cammy has since been recruited by the english military. She's sexy.
by Samurai Katsu October 15, 2003
A person known for prowling the streets at night or during the day with the goal of sexually assaulting homeless men. A cammy will stop at nothing until his elbow deep in a homeless mans ass.

A cammy will usually have a laugh like a hyena. This girl like laugh can somtimes be herd during his sexual acts with the homeless.
"Hey, check out the cammy in the alley way fisting that homeless man".
by Clinton 101 October 26, 2015
The very best kind of sister- best friend, partner in crime, & is always there. No matter what kind of shit just hit the fan.
Cammy: what a freaking beast.
by lalalalaboooo March 12, 2009
She wears clothing so tight that you can see her camel toe. My circuits overload every time she does those flashy kick attacks. :^D
After Cammy beat the crap out of M. Vega, she turned her back towards the camera to show the world how tight her sweet ass is.
by Mega Man September 08, 2003
Being able to "cammy", is a skill often mistaken for extreme clumsiness. It is the art of tripping over a football onto concrete, during a display of physical prowess and/or skill with a football. This usually results in a dislocated shoulder, or at least a few minutes of writhing in supposed agony.
"Watch out, the ground is wet. Don't cammy yourself!"
by Richard Mowat July 23, 2006
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