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something being mixed between american and canadian.

something or someone from both canada and the u.s.
Dude, i was born in the sates and lived there till i was 12 then i moved to canada, thats why my accent is camerican.
by finally31 November 16, 2009
To be born in Canada or the United States but severly want to be in the opposite country. Also used as a term for an American in love with a Canadian or vice versa.
"Hank lives in miami, but hes in love with a girl from toronto, silly Camericans"
by TaintedTease January 02, 2006
An American or Candadian that have meetings soley to get fucked up.
Steve Nash isn't Canadian he is Camerican, and my hero.
Camerica fuck yeah...
by Hung like a Hyena January 05, 2008

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