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The act of discretely stealing someone's phone, taking random pictures, and putting the phone back where you took it from. The unsuspecting victim will later find the camera-jacked photos while perusing through their photos. For maximum effect, hopefully the discovery occurs while trying to show legitimate photos with another person. Examples of camera jacked photos are: selfies, butts, or desecration of the victims personal hygiene products, like a picture of their toothbrush in the toilet bowl.
"Hi boss. I'm excited about this new promotion. Let me show you the cute pictures of my kids. What is this?!?! Why is there a picture of a hairy ass on my phone. Wait. I recognize that hairy ass. It's my husband's. He camera-jacked me again. Damn you, husband! Damn you!!!"
by JerBearGRR March 12, 2014
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