The bulging imprint of a large set of titties in a shirt or sweater. The second sexiest part of the camel,after the camel toe.
Check out the camel humps on that Hooter's girl.
by wolfbait51 April 25, 2011
the male version of a camel toe. its when a guys pants are just WAY too tight.. and u can see a clear outline of his dick n balls
Dude, his pants are so tight... I could see his camel hump a desert away.
when the balls protrude and are visible through tight pants
Those pants were tight like no other; they gave him a camel hump.
by kevin November 25, 2003
1. guy version of a camel toe, when your cock can be seen from your shorts.
2. when someone comes up behind you and shoves their knee up your ass.
1. Dude! You're penis is sticking out of your pants!!! That's a sick camel hump!

2. You fucker! Stop camel humping me!
by nirvana4lf June 05, 2005
The bulge of a man's cock and balls.
dude that guy totally has a camelhump with those leather pants on. i bet he stuffs.
by thetokemaster420 January 20, 2010
Basically the male version or a camel toe.

It's when a guy where's really tight pants or something and you can see the shape of his balls; therefore looking like camel's humps. nice and lumpy.
Did you go to the schools wrestling match last night?
Yeah, it was infested with camel humps.
by janet jack January 07, 2010
Male variation of camel toe.

Requires one pair of running shorts and some frank and beans. Now pull the shorts up real high and give yourself a wedgie. Look down at your crotch and--voila! Camel hump!
"Check it out guys, it's camel hump!"
"Oh shit, here comes coach!"
by Timil Deeps May 08, 2004

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