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Somebody who commits acts of sexual intimacy with dromedaries or bactrians. An especially horny and sex-starved desert traveller, or a total perv.

Also an annoying person resembling the above.
When the new recruit arrived at the desert base, the sergeant told him to keep his urges under control, but when he got too horny, he should use the camel in the shed. After a month his balls were fit to burst and he went in there and fucked the camel every which way. When he came out he asked the sergeant if he did it right and the sergeant said to the camelhumper, well, the other guys just ride it to the brothel in the next town.
by Andy December 01, 2007
Camel Humper...
In Texas we enjoy calling people that are from the middle east camel humpers.
Osama bin laden likes to have sex with camels while he is not busy hiding from the u.s.a.
by Tasha April 06, 2005
A Nigerian scammer.
True story: A Nigerian scammer tried a new version of the scam on me for a camera I had listed on Craigslist. He told me he wanted to buy my camera for his fiancee and he's USAF stationed over seas. He then offered me more money than I asked for if I'd ship it to Nigeria.

I asked him if his fiancee were a camel because I knew he's a camel humping Nigerian scammer. I suggested he stop being a camelhump and get an honest job.

Camel jockeys and camelhumpers really hate references to themself and a camel. It's like the new N word, but specifically for them.
by rumplestiltskin123 March 05, 2016
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