A back pack that can be used to carry an excessive amount of liquid and get sucked out of a straw connected to the liquid pouch.
Suck on my Camelbak Bitch!
by Aren and Allen April 11, 2004
Top Definition
Similar to the female "cameltoe," the camelbak is a protrusion of the male genitalia through excessively tight or highly pulled up pants. The resulting bulge resembles that of a camel's back.
It was clear to me that Louis was double ballin on the left side, as I could clearly see a camelbak through his tight leather pants.
by GrumpyGrant April 03, 2011
A Back Pack you wear that holds a bunch of liquid. (Most of the time liquor) You then suck it out of the back pack with a straw or tube. I believe there may be a better word for this, but I have heard CamelBak used many times.
"Man bring your CamelBak along to the hockey game"
by keithdchatt June 22, 2006
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