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The effect of being extremely confused, angry, scared, etc.
Usually used in phrases when you're high off of pretty much any drug.
Can also be applied when you are sober, when some crazy shit goes down.

Can be said as "Trippin' Balls" "I'm trippin' my balls off"
Pretty much any way you can put it, it makes sense.
Guy 1:"Man that guy in the tv over there is talking to us dude..."
Guy 2:"Fuck bro, you're trippin' balls"

Guy 1:"Hit this shit dog!"
Guy 2:"Nah man, I'm already trippin' my balls off."

Guy 1:"Haha dude, look at my cat, I just gave it like a whole fuckin' jar of catnip."
Guy 2:"Man..that thing is trippin' balls."
by Keithdchatt December 31, 2006
A Back Pack you wear that holds a bunch of liquid. (Most of the time liquor) You then suck it out of the back pack with a straw or tube. I believe there may be a better word for this, but I have heard CamelBak used many times.
"Man bring your CamelBak along to the hockey game"
by keithdchatt June 22, 2006
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