A fat girls camel toe...cause it's the size of a foot.
"Damn! That fat bitches bathing suit was so tight, you could see her Camel Foot!"
by bames joyd January 09, 2008
Top Definition
when a woman/girl wears extremely, extremely tight pants and the folds of the vulva are sticking out so horribly it can't even be classified as "camel toes", then it is called camel's foot.

camel foot may have permanent effects on the vulva if it occurs too frequently.
lauren: eew, camel toe

ryan: aww, no man, that's camel foot.
by Dan Meyers September 09, 2003
When a woman is so fat that her crotch hangs through her pants, causing a multi-layered folded area of crotchy-folds.

Effects at maximum when under Yoga pants.
Sarah Palin in 30 years will most likely have the largest Camel Foot known to mankind.
by BTLighting February 02, 2011
When the vagina is incredibly loose and saggy. May be caused by excessive fingering, sex, and fisting.
Bob: oh god! is that marissa?! what happened to her camel toe?!
Fred: i dont know! I guess a year being a whore really changed her...
Bob: oh my god! look here she comes! Did you see that camel foot?!
by Fredward Wellington July 24, 2010
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