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A sex move in which you jizz on a girl's face, then when she's about to go wash it off, you whip out your bitchin' twin supersoakers and blast it off her face with twin streams of superpowered water.
Boy: Hey whats your favorite pokemon?
Man: I don't play pokemon.
Boy: Oh. Mine's the Blastoise.
Man: Go to your room.
by BTLighting February 02, 2011
A sex move in which you do a girl on her back on a table. Then, when you are about to jizz, you flip the table and jizz onto the pile of table and injured girl.

Then, you yell "Sic Semper Tyrannis" and run out the door, preferably breaking you ankle as you go..
Girl: Oh my gosh! What happened to your leg?
Guy: Oh, I went on a date last night and gave my girl a Gettysburg Tabletopper.
Girl: You asshole.
by BTLighting February 02, 2011
When you're doing a girl, you suddenly yell "ACH" and have twenty friends run in wearing kilts and then gangbang her until you all jizz inside her.

From then on, you refer to her as "haggis"
Girl: Did you really give martha the Scottish Army the other day?
Guy:Who, Haggis? Yea that was pretty fun.
Girl: She's in the hospital.
by BTLighting February 02, 2011
A woman who has been through a full round of the Scottish Army at any point in her life, as referred to by the men involved in said activity.
Guy: Hey, whats up Haggis?
Girl: I hate you.
by BTLighting February 02, 2011
When a woman is so fat that her crotch hangs through her pants, causing a multi-layered folded area of crotchy-folds.

Effects at maximum when under Yoga pants.
Sarah Palin in 30 years will most likely have the largest Camel Foot known to mankind.
by BTLighting February 02, 2011
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