A former hip-hop artist. Now he gets "computers putin".
Cam'Ron's "Talent"

I get the boasters boasting, I get computers puting
Whether buddist or budah, that's judist or juda
I got luger to ruger, hit from +Roota to Toota+
Chick from hooter to hooter, I put two in producers
I'm the real boss story, the hoolah of hoosiers
I rock mostly dosey, I roll mostly dololy
I'll leave you wholy, holy, you'll say "Holy Moly"
Here come the coroner get 'em, play "Rolly Poley"
by Mobb2x August 05, 2007
the sweet sensitive type. down for anything. stoner. lots of friends, unconditional love for his girl. brown hair brown eyes. video game champ, cant help but love him, only people who dont like camron are jealous fags and girls hes dumped.
"Lol.Camron your so funny."
by ;):):* April 11, 2016
Ridiculously tight rapper from NYC, signed to Rocafella, who by some act of God also happens to be both fine and have a mean jump shot.
"The man is so gangsta, he can designate pink his signature color and instead of illicting ridicule from the hip-hop community people scrambled to copy."
by get'emgirl October 10, 2004
Of the illest rappers, part of the Diplomats cRew and signed with Roc-a-Fella Records
by FLyShOrTty August 01, 2003
a wicked rapper who is signed with ROC. he has some wicked songs out like welcome to new york city and oh boy
Come home with me. he looks like TI
by Leigho November 08, 2004
The dopest rapper in the history of rap itself.A rapper with so much game,he's the new national past time,with shoes so pink hello kitty hired him on as a consultant to try and get their colors right.
Blam blam check the handstand/ see cam with the bam bam/ walk up in the deli/ yo i'll take a ham sand.
by Black Knight September 01, 2004
Some guy who raps the same line over,
yes the same line over,
yet NYC people like it cuz they have no attention span,
nope, no attention span,
rap the same line over cuz he has no attention span
Dipset, Dipset, Dipset what? OWWW
by whoa now April 29, 2004
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