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Typically girls from the ages 12-18 that spend hours a day taking photos of themselves in various poses that seem all too much the same. Their body types can pretty well be anything, from that fat girl in your gym class that never wears a shirt that fits her (Ew, rolls.) or that anorexic girl with her stuffed bra.
"Gawd, Jennifer is such a cam whore - I bet she posted herself in the emo images on UD."

"Eww. Jocelyn is so gross, she takes pictures of herself then asks people constantly if she is hot! She's got fat rolls bigger than Pamela Anderson's tits!"
by Myms July 26, 2005
A world created on aim to describe someone who constantly gives out e-hugs (*hugs*) or simple just used for the description of hugging someone a lot.
Can also be used as hugsmith.
Chatter 1: I'm a total hugglesmith! *hugs*
Chatter 2: Stop sounding like a 3 year old.
by Myms July 26, 2005

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