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The word Calvano is a word of extreme mystery and dates back to the begining of existence. It is beleived that men around fires would grunt to each other saying "Calvano! Calvano!" to communicate. Later it evolved into the first known language and pretty much created human interaction. It is regarded as the most famous word in all known languages. Calvano was later to be recognized by the first Dhali Lama as the "holy word". It has been seen throughout history like the epic battle of Thermopali, or The Gunpowder Treason. Everywhere the word Calvano has been, it has left a trail of glory. In the 19th century a family so filled with radicallness was given the last name Calvano, they are still alive today and reside throughout the United States as the greatest family to date. Finally in the 20th century the word Calvano was given a real definition, Legendary Chuck Norris gave this definition as "F***ing Amazing". It will appear in the 2010 edition of Websters Dictionary.
Dude, that guy is so effing Calvano, hes literally the most bamf person I have ever met!

I wish I wasn't fat and unwanted, I wish I could be more Calvano so I could get all the girls I wanted and be famous...

by Elderbob February 07, 2008
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