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v. to declare that another's words or behavior is full of shit, off topic, or passive-aggressively annoying. to call another on their bad or mischievous behavior.
"Will you stop prevaricating and answer the question? I call shenanigans!"
by Chri5tina October 09, 2008
To accuse someone of cheating (used during gameplay); "calling shenanigans" is a serious offense, however, as doing so usually requires that the game must be stopped and cannot be continued
While playing Monopoly...
ONE: I call shenanigans! You've been taking money from the bank!
TWO: I have not!
by Bev Ridge December 08, 2008
to accuse someone of lying or employing deception, used mainly when someone is trying to "sweep something under the carpet" or using twisted logic
Person A: Did you see that big sports game last night? That quarterback can throw the football well.

Person B: I call shenanigans. (yesterday was Tuesday)


Person A: Wikipedia says that Lady Gaga is actually a man. This must be big news.

Person B: I call shenanigans.
by s0merand0mdude January 17, 2011

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