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the pain of needing to drop a deuce
I was in class when the call of doody came over me
#shit #jobby ##2 #poop #bathroom
by gagggs7 February 19, 2009
When you're on a mission to take a shit so big it could be considered a WMD.
"Hang on guys, I'm just gonna leave the lobby for a couple minutes, I'm feeling the Call of Doody, if you know what I'm saying"
#call of duty #shit #prairie doggin' it #assplosion #dropping' a deuce
by homieijustfuckedyomomma March 30, 2015
The act of using a video-game controller as a rectal dildo.
Dude 1: What'd you and your girl do last night?

Dude 2: She was blowing me while I was playing Rachet and Clank, I got too focused. She took the controller out of my hands and gave herself a Call of Doody.
#anal #video games #call of duty #rectal thermometer #s.g. #d.s.
by Seymour Booties May 27, 2012
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