My dream land. Sunshine. A land of the best amusement parks, the beautiful blue ocean, Los Angeles.. dont forget the LA Lakers.. Hollywood, palm trees, rollerblading, suntanning, hot guys, beachbabes, oranges, grapes, mountains and deserts, and Arnold Schwarzenneger as governor (heheh)
I dream of California
by Tigre April 28, 2004
Best Fucking sate Ever... too bad i was forced to maine!!!!
California Rocks!, Maine SUCKS!
by Someone March 18, 2004
CALIFORNIA means: Everyone hates cops. We all live next door to Mexicans. Our chicks are WAY hotter than yours. We say "like" and "for sure" and "right on" and "dude" and "totally" and "peace out" and "chill" and "tight" and "bro" and "hell of" and "hella"(Nor Cal only) and "faded" and "stoked" and "fo sho" (and I say them often). We know what real cheese and avocados taste like. All the porn you watch is made here, cause we FUCK better. We don't get snowdays off because there's only snow in Mammoth, Tahoe, Shasta, and Big Bear. We can wear sandlas all year long. We go to the Beach--not "down to the shore" you idiots! We know 65 mph really means 100. When someone cuts me off, they get the horn and the finger and a high speed chase cuz we don't fuck around on the road. The drinking age is 21 but everyone starts at 14. You judge people based on what area code they live in, and when asked where you're from, you give your area code. We might get looked at funny by locals while on vacation in their state, but when they find out we're from California we turn into Greek GODS. We don't stop at stop signs... we do a "California roll". No cop no stop baby! We can get fresh and REAL Mexican food 24 hours a day. All the TV shows you "other" states watch get filmed here. We're the Golden State. Not the Cheese State. Not the Garden State.....GOLDEN!!! We have In-N-Out which have the BEST burgers EVER(Arizona and Vegas are lucky we share that with them). We have the most representation in the House of Representatives, which means OUR opinion means more than yours, which means we're better than you. The best athletes come from here. We call it soda, not pop. We have 3 NFL teams..Raiders, 49er's, Chargers. Other countries hate the United States but they love CALIFORNIA. We have the best weed here....and it's all grown in our backyards!!!!!!!
California is the BEST state in the country!
by Hill5521 January 18, 2009
A state in the USA. Wonderful place to live. I live in Novato Bay Area of SF.
1 beautiful weather
2 Shopping!
3 Sexy Mexicans, mmmm mmm Mucho Grande Taco!
4 The Bridge
5 the sea food, not that shit you call Red lobster Pfft!
6 My cute townhouse!
7 Can you say all over tan?
8 Perfection= CA
You don't like CA you suck
I love California. West coast, South side baby!
by Hollie_Babie December 19, 2004
just some of the things california has to offer:
1. close proximity to other cool states
2. the only beaches in the continental US besides florida that aren't freezing
3. Movie stars
4. The most diverse population of anywhere else you could ever imagine
5. snow!
6. agriculture
7. A GOVERNATOR (ahhnold)
8. ME!!
9. San Fransisco
Best place on earth. need I say more?
dude 1: you live in california?
dude 2: yeah, where do u live?
dude 1 : idaho
dude 2: wow if i lived in idaho I would have my mouth full of shotgun with my finger on the trigger.
dude 1 : why?
dude 2: cause cali is the best place on earth!!!!!
by viva la vie boheme<3 March 21, 2006
Cali is the BEST. west side baby. Home of L.A. and of course ...knows how to party..
:)-do u like california?
by A* August 28, 2004
just about the hottest place ever.
if your hott you live here.
California is one of the wealthiest states and is well known for its star and fab. weather. there are many songs written about cali (who blames them??) california=love
California here we come, we got more bounce in california
hollister was made w/ almost all shirts saying CALIFORNIA ON
by gfggddghhgddff March 07, 2006
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