Molly Phinney's future home.
Wanna go to California?
by thespified February 21, 2005
State situated on the pacific coast of the United States. Home to the Los Angeles Dodgers - sorry guys, you made a BIG mistake movin' from Brooklyn. Home of the substandard human being, namely Crips and Bloods. Also home to many more illiterate airheads - example: Gray Davis, Governor.
In the 60's and 70's, California was the place to be. Nowadays, California wants to vote in health care for illegal aliens. I got a better idea! Let all the surrounding states put good use to those criminals doing nothing in their jail cells and have them pick-ax the state clean off of the mainland. Seems like many Californians agree, since they're all moving to ARIZONA!
One of 50 member states of the USA; Largest state in terms of population; home of American film industry; currently topping Florida, New York and Texas as The Most Embarassing State To Live In due to a massively hideous recall effort to install an Austrian actor as governor, at a time of a major budget crisis that will most certainly get worse before the next recall move that will take place the following year.
Also, a state within a day's driving distance to Las Vegas.
I'm voting back in Cali, in Cali, in Cali, I'm voting back in Cali (nah, I don't think so).
by Paul Wartenberg October 05, 2003
A state with reject cities like Los Angeles. Lots of smog, superficial people, gayballs and super dry hot weathers. Lots of forest fires, earthquakes, crime (highest murder from LA) and traffic. Also you breath smog like fresh air.
I want to go to California to stop my smoking habbit, and join the Rainbow coalition.
by GayldenStatesucks July 11, 2003
Adjective: used to describe people, things or actions that are not authentic.
1) Don't hug me if you're going to give me california hugs.

2) Yuck. This fat-free chicken tikka masala served on a bed of iceberg lettuce is so california-Indian.

3) Heh, don't you just love her new california nose?
by Blossom August 11, 2005
gay , queer , homosexual , fruity , funboys
california is full of gay queer homosexual fruity funboys
by eat shit and die September 10, 2006
The shittiest place west of the mississippi. Dumb fucking people everywhere, shitty air, and LIBERALS. There's so many fucking liberals, it makes a country boy feel like Hillary Clinton at a NRA convention.
God I can't wait till i can get of this shithole aka california and get up to montana.
by FastCR August 31, 2005

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