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a gun is on you, cal short of calibur, the calibur of your gun
oh you mad cause im stylin' on you, plus the cal is on me
by NastyTodd January 01, 2007
Meaning you're carrying a gun on you. This is important in case someone is mad because you're styling on them.
oh u mad cuz i'm stylin on u,
u got better gear u couldn't style it on me,
plus the cal is on me,
so act up, and you gonna fucking have to lay down---
by gstorms March 03, 2011
slang. Coloquial english used especially by inner city youth meaning This dude better not steal on me while that other cat tapin.
More often then not the above phrase preceeds the speaker being stole on while "that other cat" records the events
"Oh you mad cuz im stylin on you
You could have better gear and couldnt style it on me
Plus the cal is on me..."
by Hollaback bish!! January 02, 2007
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