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somebody who is not liked for some reason used by Stingray from neighbours
you are a spiggin caketaker boyd
by spigiin caketaker October 10, 2005
A person who deliberately causes the breakup in someone's relationship so they can have a go at the other person's partner. Usually they do it to a a close friend which makes them even worse.
I lost my girlfriend to my cake taker so called friend, Rob.
by Boyd M May 18, 2005
The biggest bitch you've ever known. A girl who is so over the top, out of control terrible to you that she takes the cake.
Dude 1: Hey remember that Kelsey girl from that party last night? What a bitch.
Dude 2: Yeah dude she was a total cake taker.

Person 1: Wow. I've met some bitches in my day but you are totally the cake taker.
by silentBuilder981 March 15, 2010
1. someone who takes cakes

2. someone who is instrumental in the removal of cakes
1. he is taking cakes, therefore he is a caketaker

2. oh shit stop that fucking caketaker he is removing my cakes
by adam h March 01, 2005
A supremely ugly person.
Whoa! She's a cake taker! I've seen some ugly women in my time but she takes the cake!
by derty_sanchez August 11, 2010
Someone who offers alternative foods, with the aim of obscuring the real object of their attention - the cake. This selfish creature is not above sneaking back to the fridge once the threat of other would-be eaters has passed, devouring the cake in whole. She will deny her cake lust at all costs, but step away from her coveted jewel for even a moment and you won't see it again.
You have been invited to a birthday party and the host informs you this is a non-traditional celebration - beware, a cake taker is in your midst.
by shazam723 March 23, 2010
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