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1.A person who cant sustain half a day without having coffee or some other type of caffeinated drink like tea or red bull, drinks morning noon and night.
Often have troubles like headache, dizziness, sleepy untill you he hast it.

2. "Instant human just needs caffeine "

3. someone who cannot get up in morning and work without caffeine
Jack cant start working unless he had three shots of americano, he is such a caffeinoholic.

Ana is having her fourth coffee of the day, she is so caffeinoholic
by Chopra December 08, 2008
Someone who is addicted to caffeine so much that they have to drink Energy Drinks and Coffee constantly.
That old lady at the office is such a caffeinoholic that she can't go one hour without coffee.
by Estretoseten February 02, 2015
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