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A potent drink made from several different ingredients. The main ingredient is typically caffeine or byproducts such as a guarana, green tea, or expresso shots. A typical caffeine cocktail is 32 or 64 ounces. Average caffeine in a true cocktail is 1.5 grams in a 32 ounce, 2.5 grams in 64 ouce drink. Primarily drank by IT people, skin heads, razor heads, insomniacs, and individuals grinding at a lan party.

Typical Ingredients in Caffeine Cocktail include (some or all of the following): Coke, Jolt, Green Tea (reduced to a sludge), Caffeine Powder, Guarana, Red Bull, Sprite (as a filler for volume), Ginko biloba, Vitrol, Calcium Carbonate, Taurine, Iron, Selenium, B Vitamins, Vitamin A, C & D, Orange Juice, billberry extract, Cinnamon, and/or Cactus Juice.
That Caffeine Cocktail has so much energy, it may jump-start a dead-man's heart.
by Texas Bandit June 29, 2009
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