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A cafe serving simple, basic food.
Dude 1: When working at that new institution, you should equip yourself with a car, a business suit, a gold wrist watch to make you much more attractive to new chicks there, man.

Dude 2: Do I need a dog and bone?

Dude 1: Absolutely, you need it to tell your top dog you are working while you are in the caff with pals during the office hours!
by quan cao tien August 26, 2010
111 41
Verb. When one laughs and coughs at the same time. Often happens at a lunch table when someone is drinking something and chokes while laughing at someone else.
Catherine: Knock knock.

Mackenzie: Who's there? *takes drink*

Weston: *jumps up behind Mackenzie* ME!!!!!

Mackenzie: *begins to caff*

Catherine: *sigh* You guys...
by MissCellany April 29, 2010
22 8
1. A phallic object
2. Male genetalia

An obscenity referring to a mans genitals much like ‘dick’.
Nick: Hall's a moron
Brian: Right on, what a caff
by Avery A. Anderson September 12, 2006
16 13
The mostly unknown and under-rated sister of the Lord's son, Jesus Christ.
"Caff is a feminist"
by plof December 03, 2003
5 14
China and America Film Festival
CAFF is hold every year.
by caffhuang May 28, 2007
1 11
Illegal Caffeine Used as a drug, Snorted, Injected or swallowed.Usualy in powdered form.
Give me some of that caff man...
by Empathy X August 26, 2006
5 17