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A cafe serving simple, basic food.
Dude 1: When working at that new institution, you should equip yourself with a car, a business suit, a gold wrist watch to make you much more attractive to new chicks there, man.

Dude 2: Do I need a dog and bone?

Dude 1: Absolutely, you need it to tell your top dog you are working while you are in the caff with pals during the office hours!
by quan cao tien August 26, 2010
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Verb. When one laughs and coughs at the same time. Often happens at a lunch table when someone is drinking something and chokes while laughing at someone else.
Catherine: Knock knock.

Mackenzie: Who's there? *takes drink*

Weston: *jumps up behind Mackenzie* ME!!!!!

Mackenzie: *begins to caff*

Catherine: *sigh* You guys...
by MissCellany April 29, 2010
1. A phallic object
2. Male genetalia

An obscenity referring to a mans genitals much like ‘dick’.
Nick: Hall's a moron
Brian: Right on, what a caff
by Avery A. Anderson September 12, 2006
The mostly unknown and under-rated sister of the Lord's son, Jesus Christ.
"Caff is a feminist"
by plof December 03, 2003
China and America Film Festival
CAFF is hold every year.
by caffhuang May 28, 2007
Illegal Caffeine Used as a drug, Snorted, Injected or swallowed.Usualy in powdered form.
Give me some of that caff man...
by Empathy X August 26, 2006

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