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A multi-purpose room commonly found in elementary schools. The word itself is a hybrid of cafeteria, gymnasium, and auditorium.
I play basketball, eat lunch, and act in my school play all in the cafegymatorium!
by TheAnomaly101 April 21, 2006
a cafeteria / gym commonly found in elementary school.
The doomsday sirens just went off, class lets go to the cafegymatorium.
A place where it serves as a cafeteria, gym, and an auditorium. It's common in elementary schools.
A. Where do you eat?
B. That cafegymatorium. I also do basketball there, too.
by Nyker2000 December 20, 2011
A room or area that serves as both a cafeteria, gymnasium, and auditorium.
Also the name of the area that serves all of these purposes at the original New Technology High School.
It can be a real time saver when I have lunch after PE and and all school meeting since there all in the Cafegymatorium.
by Zzzzbel January 26, 2010
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