A caddlesticks is an individual that exhibits a number of desirable, or based on one's opinion and morals, undesirable.
A caddlesticks is a person that is described as being very horny at times, likely to consume alcoholic beverages, and also very willing to engage in conversations that the general population might find awkward...
As of late, it has also been used as a word to define a state of intoxication...
Person 1: "Man, that caddlesticks over there sure is always horny. It seems like he's been giving me some looks from across the party."
Person 2: "That's a caddlesticks for ya. You should go over there and talk to him. Talking to a caddlesticks is always interesting.
"Wow, im so caddlesticks right now.. I hope I don't pass out."
by Jack Cattle November 30, 2007
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