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heavy acne on the face (usually around the lips) resulting from semen (or gizz) deposits. usually manifests after multiple blowjobs and cumshots.
"Damn did you see that girl? She has bad cacne!"

"That whore sucks so much dick, she has cacne!"
by nadsac December 20, 2009
5 0
Having acne on your cack (aka cock), or slang for genital warts.
My pubes are so oily, that i have Cacne.
by Codaayy May 31, 2010
1 1
Cacne - Combination of Cac and acne. Basically a cac (dick/cock) with pimples all over it
Damn girl my bf has cacne!
LOL that nga got cacne foo
by Christian S January 17, 2006
7 8