Curtis Alumni Basketball Organization: A very hip and influencial group of men who by day...we work normal jobs, but by night...we fight crime and play basketball. -The Commish
What they are saying: I wish I could join the CABO...they are so cool. The CABO has been a pillar of our community.
by Daniel Olson January 23, 2009
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a party with a lot of alcohol or going to cabo for alcohol.
person 1: "I wanna party..."
person 2: "dude let's go to CABO!!!"
by miss dread January 08, 2009
the place where your broseph rode jet skis.
Broseph, you know i rode the jet skis in cabo.

by Raditz21 November 02, 2010
The act of "Choking A Bitch Out."
Man #1: "Bonquiqui didn't give me no pussy last night."
Man #2: "Dude, that sucks."
Man #1: "Yeah I wanted to CABO"
by yoyomomma August 28, 2013
an excellent cross-platform file-sharing app that connects to the gnutella network. same mechanics as limewire, except it eats much less resources. and it uses elements from os x. pwnd.
give yourself a hand if you use cabos
by exl June 28, 2005
The status of not being able to transport yourself and having to bum rides.
Cabo: Can I have a ride?

Guy who owns a car: You do realize you can't be an annoying cabo all your life, right?

Cabo:Suuure I can't. But, are you still going to give me a ride?

Guy who owns a car: What can I say, I take pity on cabos. I also might kill a few now and then.
by alfalfa140 November 22, 2011
This is an acronym for the phrase "Crazy Ass Bitched Out" or CABO.

This term is used to imply that one's significant other is acting like a "crazy-ass bitch" without actually saying so directly. Using the acronym, and avoiding declaring this outright, allows those who know the word to understand without risking another person overhearing and then going CABO over the comment. After all, who wants to explain a freak-out?

The phrase has morphed from "She's gone CABO on me", to "she's gone to CABO," to simply CABO. It is gaining traction in Charlotte and the Southeast, yet it's application is damn near unlimited by sex or geography.
You're out to dinner with a friend and notice his girl is not talking to him. She leaves to go powder your nose and you ask "what's up with her?" and your friend replies "She's gone CABO on me." You nod knowingly and with great sympathy. "My wife's been there, dude" you say in response. Those overhearing just think your discussing vacations.

You're at a party. Your buds ask "Where's Jill?" You reply "She's gone to CABO. Couldn't make it" Everyone nods.

You want to stay at the party, your squeeze wants to leave and throws a major snark fit. You shrug your shoulders and say "CABO." Your friends understand you need to go.
by The Winged Boar September 23, 2013
A hallucinogenic drug that originated in central Mexico. It was used for ceremonial purposes until the mid 20th century. It is often dried and is usually injested. It can be dangerous when injested in large quantities.
Effects: Hallutionations, drowsiness, weight loss, or weight gain, increased hunger, and heart palpatations.

use caution with Cabos
by cb6797655 May 22, 2012

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