Castillian slang for heroin, the drug of choice among many hookers who work in the red light districts of Spain, such as Calle de la Montera in Madrid or La Ronda de Sant Antoni in Barcelona.
Madrileño #1: Oye, tio! Tu debes alejarte de las prostitutas que trabajan en la Calle de la Montera acerca de la Gran Vía.

Madrileño #2: Porqué?

Madrileño #1: Porque ellas usan caballo, tio!
by Sir Bullwhip October 14, 2006
Top Definition
caballo means horse in spanish. horse has meant heroin since the 1960s.
ay, ese pinche caballo no sirve por nada
by tibo March 30, 2004
Latino expression for a "real" man
Mira que classe caballo!
by Ninnibeth May 23, 2005
Spanish: 1) horse 2) slang for heroin 3) Very rude slang for a feminine napkin.
Price check on a 4,000 pack of Stayfree Ultra Absorbent!
by LudwigVan November 11, 2003
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