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comment for comment
used on myspace
"Hey anybody want to talk? C4C."
by yoyorachel February 25, 2007
C4C Stands for CoD4Central, A forum about Call Of Duty 4 and Call Of Duty 5. C4C is a commonly used short version of the word CoD4Central by the community of C4C itself.
Viking: "Can you give me some K on C4C Smaca?"
SmacaJoni: "Dude i gave you 1K 3 quarters ago."
by SmacaJoni2 July 21, 2009
Cash for Clunkers (the latest attempt at jump-starting the economy by having the federal government guarantee a minimum trade-in value for certain cars).
J: How much did you get for your '94 Ford Exploder?
C: I got $4500 from C4C when I bought a new hybrid Escape.
by Jeff-Fu July 07, 2009
In a chatroom, stands for cam for cam.
Anyone up for a chat? c4c only!
by Dude of LI August 19, 2006

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