A backwards clothespin used to hang up light gels.
"Grab me a handful of C-47's Mike!"

"No, and furthermore, go fuck yourself."
by DJ Gorilla December 03, 2006
Top Definition
In the film industry, it refers to a clothespin. Often used by the lighting department to attach gels to lights, keep cords out of the way, etc.
A: Hey new guy...hand me a c47.
B: *blank stare*
A: C47! *sigh*...a clothespin!
b: Oh.
by kwirk January 19, 2006
Film industry slang term for a clothespin. Legend has it that it was a crew's item code for clothespins. Also see bullet.
If the lamp is hot enough to melt tape, you can instead use a c-47 to attach a filter to the hot part of the light.
by Ian Ragsdale October 14, 2005
A twin engined piston powered transport plane used extensively in World War II
The supplies were dropped from a C-47
by Me of course February 09, 2006
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