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the white powder people sniff and get really, really high, and then crash 20 minutes later, and then go off and buy more until they have no money.
"Hey, Joe, let's blast mad lines of c0ke."
"Shirley, sniff this c0ke off my dick."
"I did so much c0ke the other day I still haven't slept yet."
by bunglefuzz April 10, 2006
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c0ke means what e1f drinks all day
<scx> e1f want a c0ke? ...
<e1f> kthx i ran out!
<scx> kthxstfuhere


<e1f> do you think garage is open we need c0ke
<scx> lets go see

... 10 minute later

<scx> oops it's shut at 2am in the morning
<e1f> doh!
by SCX August 17, 2004

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