a term of abuse used by inadequate racist scum in a sick attempt to try and stop themselves from trying to deal with their own inadequacies
'i'd rather fuck my own mum than a coon'
by martin March 01, 2003
Top Definition
im not racist but
1. its a word u can call a black person
2.its also like a really poor person also so its multi racial
1. that coon is so dark i cant believe it

2. that coon wanted money from me can u believe it
by anonymous April 04, 2005
Short for racoon. Usually called that from the evilness its done.
That coon got into my trashcan!
by Cory S. September 28, 2003
If you get Rick roll'D two times from the same person, then you're a c00n, or if you say dumb sh*t like unfunny jokes and stuff, then you're also a c00n. You can be a c00n without being black or being a racoon. This word is a derivate from the word b00n (a person that sucks in video games), so if you pown someone, not only in video games, you can call him a c00n.
-doooood I just ate TEH ultimate burger last night
-nobody uses the word "teh" anymore... You're a c00n, man

Arthur : That movie was so cliché, I can't believe they still make those kind of movies, nothing's true in this movie!
Jason : Actually, it was a true story...
Some guy : PWN'D
Arthur : now I look like a c00n...
by Kewn January 06, 2010
An african american who is so f***ing retarded and smells bad because they're black. I h8 em. Naggers, jews, arabs, homosexuals...i hate em all... WHITE POWER!!!
Goddamm yall, if I see me one of dem c00n's ima go ape sh*t and kill em.
by One racist mofo February 25, 2005
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