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If you get Rick roll'D two times from the same person, then you're a c00n, or if you say dumb sh*t like unfunny jokes and stuff, then you're also a c00n. You can be a c00n without being black or being a racoon. This word is a derivate from the word b00n (a person that sucks in video games), so if you pown someone, not only in video games, you can call him a c00n.
-doooood I just ate TEH ultimate burger last night
-nobody uses the word "teh" anymore... You're a c00n, man

Arthur : That movie was so cliché, I can't believe they still make those kind of movies, nothing's true in this movie!
Jason : Actually, it was a true story...
Some guy : PWN'D
Arthur : now I look like a c00n...
by Kewn January 06, 2010

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