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Certified Guitar Player. The title that Chet Atkins gave himself in 1983, after joining Columbia Records.
Mr. Atkins gave himself a ''degree'' in 1983: Certified Guitar Player. He began signing his name as ''Chet Atkins, C.G.P.''
by Power April 09, 2005
A compliment, used when something is exceptionally cool or awesome. Can also be used in the negative to identify something negative.

Origin: The common use of the greeting "Cheers!", when spoken with an English accent, seems to be very attractive to women. Many hook-ups have been cemented through the utterance of "Cheers!". The fact that an accent coupled with a single word could invoke such a strong reaction, is awesome. Therefore, CGP (or Cheers Gets the Pussy) is used when describing something very cool.
Positive: "Dude! That headshot in CS was totally CGP."

Negative: "Uggh, that new Carrot Top movie was un-CGP in every way."
by cRIPticon May 10, 2005
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