is a another term for 100 dollars and it could be called a b too.
yo i just robbed that nigga and all he had was a cnote man and it shot his ass plain and simple
by dat nigga March 30, 2005
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A one-hundred dollor bill. C stands for "centum" the Latin word for 100. The word "note" actually come from the bill it's self. Which reads, "This note is leagal tender for all debts, public and private."
You owe me one C-Note from that loan I gave you.
by MoonCricket February 05, 2004
"C" signifying the quantity of 100 in roman numerals, "note" signifying federal reserve note, thus "cnote" signifies 100 dollars.
Got change for a cnote?
by Carlos E. Fernandez April 27, 2003
1. $100
2. hundred bucks
I wish I had a c note in my wallet.
by Bud E Love May 05, 2003
The Counter-Strike server at Kenyon College. Named after arguably the best cs player in the world.

Cnote is famous for his outrageous personality and expert use of the bazooka - a gun that ignorant players often refer to as the AWP. The unrivaled leader of any cs team he joins, Cnote holds his fellow teammates to high standards - for example they must "get out {his} radar" AND "report back to Cnote" simultaneously.

Also known for his protective older brother (6'7" 250lbs) who comes in over the mic occasionally to make sure the other cs players aren't disrespecting Cnote. "My brother's tellin' me y'all disrespected him. Is this true? That's my little brother, man. He just trying to have a good time on this game. Y'all ain't lettin' him."

His alias is believed to originate from the term c-note, meaning $100 bill (Though clearly his entertainment value is far higher).

Cnote: Master Strategist
"This the game plan: gather around fuckin' me at the beginning"

Cnote: Master Intimidater
"It's all over for y'all niggas now, I got my bazooka"

Cnote: Better than God
"I /allow/ God to let you motherfuckers do this"
"I said drop that shit you little bitch! That Cnote gun!"

"Nigga get the fuck up off Cnote"

"Y'all better respect Cnote"

"Cnote's the wrong mothafucka to dis"
by nvuois December 16, 2004
A one hundred dollar bill. Derived from the Roman numeral for 100.
"He paid that bitch with a c-note"
by Morpheus12 April 05, 2009
hundred dollar bills
i aint out spendin dude's c-notes
by L April 24, 2003
Cnote is that crazy mother fucker who plays CS (counter strike) and runs around going wild trying to find his bazooka, then gets owned.
"hey one of yall bitch niggahs answer me, is that a bazooka back there?"

"aww niggah thats my bazooka, thats my bazooka back there, niggah cover me im about to get my bazooka, *HEADSHOT!"

"niggah stfu before i lie my dick on your forehead"

"cnotes a raw mother fucker!"

"you bitches get outta my radar, report back to cnote"

by Cnote's #1 fan August 28, 2004

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