A $100 Bill.. Or if you are a chain smoker like me, you get C-Notes (Camel Dollars) off the back of the Camel Cigarette boxes.
Shit, if I collect 500 C-Notes I can get a free Camel "turkish Gold" T-Shirt
by Hamydeez April 16, 2004
a c note is a one hundred dollar bill, c notes
customer: how much does this skirt cost?
cashier: a c note
customer: huh?
cashier: one hundred dollars you moron you're gonna buy it or what?
customer: no you can keep it b!tch! a c note you gotta be out your d@mn mind!
by +doesn't matter+ July 29, 2005
A legendary CS player that went by the name of C-Note. He's a real bitch nigga
*C-Note spots his bazooka on the ground*

"OHH, NIGGA MY BAZOOKA! Nigga thats my bazooka right there... Hey cover me I'ma get my bazooka."

*C-Note is then shot in the head from an opposing teams member*
by TheRealC-Note February 20, 2010
Carltons nickname on one of the episodes of fresh prince of bellaire
"Yo cnote can you help me with my taxes"
by Skytripa May 30, 2006
1) A 100-dollar bill

2) An amount of money equal to $100
1) I went to the bank and exchanged a c-note for five 20's.

2) This TV cost me five c-notes. If you break it, I'll break you.
by Jack July 09, 2004
$100 Bill in the USA
"Drink so much I cry liquor, wipe my tears with C-Notes, smoke so much weed, I fart weed smoke"
-Papoose - Ridin Shotgun
by Shae Peterson November 09, 2005
A Chicago, IL street gang comprised mainly of Italian-American youths.
The c notes were going to have a fight with the Latin Kings.
by Bigg Joe October 05, 2007

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