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a nicer way of saying bitch or bitchy. Also means a girl named mimi whom sucks ass fuckerz
Mimi is such a Byoch!!
by ingridmp3 April 15, 2009
a bitchy fugly acne faced girl named mimi who sucks choad a fatt ugly cock that is a shitty as a fuck faced whore slut
Dude look at byoch!
by ingy2323 April 15, 2009
Bring Your Own Chair. This is applicable in a situation where not enough seating will be available at a public event or event where many people want to sit, so visitors are advised to bring their own seating methods.
John: Movie night at my place, not enough chairs so BYOCh bitches!

Kelly: Hey, did you hear about John's party? The invite said BYOCh, there are gonna be a lot of people there!
by Aqua Regia August 31, 2011
A harder sounding bitch. Often used when stressed or in a heated talk.Used in conjuntion with other adjectives.
That B Yoch stole my watch and slept with my friend!
by PhilaJPN February 05, 2006
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