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A word used in place of when you dont want to say anything else.
So i was walking down the street yesturday and a lady asked for the time, i was just like bweh.
by Tom DeNardo August 26, 2007
(interjection) Originally onomatopoeia for the sound a person makes while regurgitating, it has been adopted to also reflect one's feelings of disgust towards another's remarks or predicament.
John Doe, "I just made this awesome gummy bear and mayonnaise sandwich!"
Jane Doe, "Bweh! That's digusting and so are you!"
by Carley Winn April 30, 2015
Common predecessor to bwahaha, an online evil laugh, whereas bweh it a smirky or not-quite breakout laugh.

Can be extended with the appropriate about of hehe's, ie. bwehehe additional hehe's denoting sarcasm/self happiness on the matter.

As opposed to BWAHAHAHA, a more overt exclamtion of glee, bweh indicates giggling to oneself at another's shortcomings or a witty wisecrack.
Bweh, what a fag.

Bwehehe, n00b.

by sirlothie August 03, 2007
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