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A word used in place of when you dont want to say anything else.
So i was walking down the street yesturday and a lady asked for the time, i was just like bweh.
by Tom DeNardo August 26, 2007
Common predecessor to bwahaha, an online evil laugh, whereas bweh it a smirky or not-quite breakout laugh.

Can be extended with the appropriate about of hehe's, ie. bwehehe additional hehe's denoting sarcasm/self happiness on the matter.

As opposed to BWAHAHAHA, a more overt exclamtion of glee, bweh indicates giggling to oneself at another's shortcomings or a witty wisecrack.
Bweh, what a fag.

Bwehehe, n00b.

by sirlothie August 03, 2007