Meanin Bitch/Whore .. its what you can call any girl/guy that acts bitchy to you and is a dirty whore. Tho if you want you can call any ol' person you want that if your very mad at them. Plus you can call a person this word and they wont even know what you mean unless they've read this, tho if they haven't you can use this word freely anywhere you want!!!
Me:O-M-G! Gosh I hate you Mireya... Dont talk to me you think your all that ... you such a b.w.
Mireya: Umm ok? Teacher she called me a ummm b.w.!
Teacher:O.ok? I'm sorry umm i must've forgotten. What does that mean again?
Mireya:Oh well umm i dont know.....
by *!Dittles!* January 16, 2006
Top Definition
short for 'beautiful woman'.
bw is a beautiful woman.
by bmans January 31, 2008
Term applied to women by people who wish they were the person in question. Person usually has some extraordinary talent or gift. Usually very good looking, a lot of money and gifted in a certain area. The 'people' call this person 'basic' because that is exactly what they are and cant measure up to her levels of success.
Charlotte: Shes just a bw.

Lisa: You're a hater, dont be jealous.
by Arcel November 10, 2007
rolling paeper or blunt wrap. used to wrap marijuana
i roll dat weed in some vanilla bw
by Fuh Rank April 28, 2008
a 'bw' is shorthand for 'brandon webster', an underground party icon and suspected money embezzler. In this case, a 'bw' is when one friend steals a girl from another friend.
Man, I really liked this girl Cane.. I wanted to date her even; I brought her over to Brandon's house, and a two weeks later he told me he fucked her last week. He pulled a BW.
by parachute dreams December 06, 2008
Short for Bang-Worthy. Is said of a sexually desirable female.

Pronounced "bee dubayew".
Used to be sorta secretive when there are other people around.

(having this word on Urban Dictionary might defeat the very purpose it was created for though but was the best way I could think of to actually take credit for its creation)

-Term coined by LeDur May 1st 2012 while taking in 2nd hand smoke from coworkers
Dom: Man I was talking to this annoying girl while I was on the bus.
Me: Really? BW?
Dom: Totally. But only if she shat up.
by LeDur February 08, 2013
another way of saying your best friend in the whole wide world. usually only used on the west coast.
Caitlin: I love you BW your the best to talk to.
Kelly: I'm so glad to have a best friend like you.
by CKboston May 18, 2011
Before the Web!
This is an example that begs itself to be made...
What would the world be B.W.? Nothing but peaceful day-to-day schleppola.
Ya dig?
by hammer---;, hytham April 17, 2007

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