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a sock you put on your ass whether you are cold or trying to catch fecal matter. word also commonly used for ridicule. a buttsock is also used to catch a fart and bring to ones face.
you are such a god damn buttsock

aw dude wtf did you have to buttsock me for, i can taste it
by mr seville November 20, 2006
a synonym for underwear
a 'butt-sock' originates from the idea of a sock on your butt, other known as your panties.
I put on my butt-socks before I put on my pants.
by caseymacypacy July 12, 2011
You got some white fuzzies on your butt-socks!
by CAJ Dawg December 31, 2010
When you've had so much anal sex that your insides come outside. Resembles a pink sock hanging out of your ass.
"Did you know Jerry has a buttsock?? It's totally gross!"
by AndiAnomaly July 10, 2008
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