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the anal sphincter

See also arsering and assring
Angie shouted when Pete's gigantic dick forced her buttring.
by Tiago Zuhr September 17, 2005
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The dark area around the base of a hemorrhoidal ointment injector tube.
Hey baby, what is this ring around the toothpaste tube, 'Oh, sorry darling, I didnt mean to leave it on the sink top, that's my butt ring on my hemorrhoidal ointment injector tube.
by jeffbo March 27, 2009
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The sound it makes when a guy fucks a girl up the hiney, slips a cell phone in there, and then has somebody call it. The buttfucked girl is usually confused about what is going on.
Soon after Mindy staggered out of the frat house bathroom, we heard the buttring. We knew that she'd given up her pooper even before she could tell that the sound was coming from inside her guts.
by Katey McShea September 02, 2007
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