Those who are under the illusion that bashing buttons on a cd player whilst playing electronic dance music has a better sound quality, crowd response and appeal than using a proper musical instrument like a turntable.
Theres too many button bashers and not enough real DJs nowadays.
by vinyl junkie May 10, 2012
Top Definition
1. Someone who randomly or vigorously presses or 'bashes' buttons, especially those of video game controllers. See: button-bashing.

2. A video game where the gameplay descends into the mindless random, or repeated, pressing of a button or buttons. See: button-bashing.

3. A fighting (video) game, such as Virtua Fighter, Soulcalibur or Tekken, etc.
"I'm not playing Tekken with you because it's just a mindless button-basher. Plus, you're gay."
by Goatlips July 12, 2008
a mobile phone or just some thing that you can call someone on, hell it could even be two cans on a piece of string
oi blud slap me the button basher!
by dunkster July 02, 2008
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