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The two halves of a heinie. Buns. Nalgas.

May be pronounced BYOU tocks.
Get yer buttocks outta here.
by Bumkicker Slade May 07, 2005
195 69
the singular form of buttocks.
one butt cheek
"Wow, thats one nice buttock you have there."
by Tomanda February 18, 2003
60 16
they kicked me in the buttocks
by VVoody September 11, 2003
87 44
(noun)An unpopular individual.
Carl: "Hey, there's Tom Cruise. What a buttock he is!"
Vic: "You are so correct, my man."

Dionne: "Lurlene fixed me up with a blind date last night. What a buttock!"
LaWanda: "Which one? Lurlene or your date?"
Dionne: "BOTH of them!"

Mom: "Stop picking your nose, Willy. Don't be a buttock!"
by Brawlin' Paddy July 16, 2005
37 22
by person yo-yo June 28, 2003
51 41
the most polite way possible to swear
Emilio Post: I'm leaving you for your best friend.
Emily Post: Oh buttock.
by Slumdog January 17, 2009
12 7
The left or right cheek on the buttocks
Kayvon: Hey anthony juilan nice buttock sir.
by devin kon patel January 07, 2009
10 10