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The cheeks or "meat" of the glutes...used to make "sandwiches" or for sexual pleasures...founded by @tylamb22...
Shawty got thatbuttmeat, and i'm trying to make a sandwich...
by @tylamb22 March 17, 2010
Slang term for Rectal Prolapse, a condition which occurs when the rectum (the final section of the large intestine) turns itself inside out and protrudes outside the anal opening. Symptoms include fecal soiling and incontinence, and anal bleeding.
Joe crapped so hard he's sporting buttmeat.
by BeerLovinGuy February 13, 2004
The worst insult ever. Ev-er!
Stephen: Yeah Jimmy just shut up.

Jimmy: Oh yeah you... butt-meat...?
by Xno Malaria April 29, 2006
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