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a person who licks ass hole and likes it. someone who likes the smell of ass.
by Anonymous June 09, 2003
A childish insult. Used for people you think are dumb, assholes, shit cakes, and that you altogether think are anooying and dislike. Can also be used as Butt Lick
What the fuck, Stop being a butt licker(/Butt Lick)
by princessbuttlicker July 29, 2010
Backhanded term of endearment for a cat, based on the fact that they spend a lot of time washing and are often seen with one leg in the air, licking their butts.

Could also be used for a dog, though cats are more notorious butt lickers.
When calling your cats for feeding time: "Come and get it, you little butt lickers!"
by advs March 03, 2007
The word that got Peter Griffin into the spelling-bee because his 3rd grade teacher was impressed by the fact he spelt a 3 syllable word even though he didn't do his homework.
"Homework is for buttlickers"
by Drift_91 December 01, 2009
A sleepy 16 year old girl.
Alana gets sleepy and becomes a buttlicker when Connie is around
by Motherfrigger January 03, 2013
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