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1. a person/s who use assholic statements. 2. a person/s who make a study of being an asshole. 3. a person who uses a butt, or the butt of a third party to shove in someone's face, either literally or metaphorically.
1. The teacher must be a buttist because he makes such assholic statements.
2. Yes, he is a jerk, he even studied to be a buttist.
3. He "shoved his butt" in my face when he made that assholic statement to me. He is a buttist.
4. I am shoving that girl's butt in your face because I am a buttist!
5. I find great humor in being a buttist, the other day I shoved a cat's butt in my girlfriends' face.
by Jane Conanbo April 16, 2006
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