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a guy with a very nice body and a hideous face
WOW! That guy has a nice body, buttisface is really hideous.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
by amy waters March 01, 2008
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The male variation on the female "Butterface" since the wordplay doesn't work when you're talking about guys.
(Re-working of the line from Nelly's EI Tipdrill song) He a buttis face: everythang look good on him - But 'is face.

Some examples of famous buttisfaces are: Scott Stapp, Vin Diesel, Ja Rule and Till Lindemann from Rammstein.
by Kat May 27, 2004
A guy with a great body, who looks great from far away, but has an ugly face. Also known as the "good from far, but far from good" syndrome.
Man, even though Michael Phelps has a total buttis face, I'd still do him.
by Camdozer September 02, 2008
A Variation on "butter face", where the body of a female is above average but her face is dogly or at least slighty bellow average hence but-her-face. Buttis face refers to to the male who has a hot body yet appauling face.
"Fuck Joel is a major buttis face, the body is fiiiine but that face is hellish"
by lulu February 22, 2004

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