A butthead is someone who performs a head-butt on a person while in a tight situation.
Like if someone was late for a flight, and they were frantically half jogging through the airport just to catch their plane. Then some old goose gets in the way, and then they just head-butt them, and move on with their life like nothing happened. Yeah that would be a butthead.
by Landon Parker August 18, 2005
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Well, a butthead is a person who calls some one a butthead all the time, some one named ALY SHEETS!
Aly: hi alicia, whats up? you BUTTHEAD
Alicia: umm ok... LOSER...
Aly:yeah look under "loser" I think you'll see Alicias name....
by !I Love Ya! September 25, 2003
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a name a brother calls his sister because he grosses her out but sitting on her head and farting
My bed is on your head sis your a butthead
by val lane December 14, 2010
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(N)One of the sassiest and most beautiful girls in the US of A. Is synonymous for the word Buttface (N). The original butthead was first sighted by the male model Andrew who recorded that the amazingly gorgeous girl named Kelsea, was to be known as butthead. If you believe you have spotted a butthead, please report to assaholics.com for verification.
Is that fine ass woman Kelsea? Damn she is a butthead
by Uganda sex slave March 26, 2013
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The aliens know as Talosians from Rigel 7 from the original pilot from Star Trek. Also in the two part episode "The Menagerie". Look at the back of their huge heads, they're butts.
The buttheads of Rigel 7 held me in a cage and made me kiss a butt ugly women
by MAC May 08, 2003
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When you're pounding a chick in the ass and she farts.
I gots me some good pussy and some butt-head lastnight. She had eaten taco bell earlier though and it was sorta messy.
by Moped B June 02, 2015
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Used by kindergarden to 6th grade as a way of saying that you're a lil shit.
by Whats a good username March 17, 2015
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