an endearing remark made lovingly by a severe hottie, yet, commonly mistaken for an insult
"David Lee is a butthead"
by EmilyMayhawn June 05, 2005
one's butt in a weird location
by meat stupid June 02, 2003
A butthead is someone who performs a head-butt on a person while in a tight situation.
Like if someone was late for a flight, and they were frantically half jogging through the airport just to catch their plane. Then some old goose gets in the way, and then they just head-butt them, and move on with their life like nothing happened. Yeah that would be a butthead.
by Landon Parker August 18, 2005
Well, a butthead is a person who calls some one a butthead all the time, some one named ALY SHEETS!
Aly: hi alicia, whats up? you BUTTHEAD
Alicia: umm ok... LOSER...
Aly:yeah look under "loser" I think you'll see Alicias name....
by !I Love Ya! September 25, 2003
The aliens know as Talosians from Rigel 7 from the original pilot from Star Trek. Also in the two part episode "The Menagerie". Look at the back of their huge heads, they're butts.
The buttheads of Rigel 7 held me in a cage and made me kiss a butt ugly women
by MAC May 08, 2003
When you're pounding a chick in the ass and she farts.
I gots me some good pussy and some butt-head lastnight. She had eaten taco bell earlier though and it was sorta messy.
by Moped B June 02, 2015
Used by kindergarden to 6th grade as a way of saying that you're a lil shit.
Go away you butthead!
by Whats a good username March 17, 2015

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