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A sex game. To play buttery varnish.

a bottle is spun, the person it points to gets the bottle thrust up thair arse till they cum. Their cum is smeared all over their body so they are varnished, ppl then throw twiglets at them so they stik to the cum, trying to spell a word. the person is tied to an office chair and left outsid on a hill, if in 1 hour they have reached the bottom of the hill they are deemed "well dun" and are allowed bak inside to be raped by all the crew. its not fun for the person who gets the bottle, so they usualy get an orange to suk while this happens. usualy played int he armed forces.
lets play buttery varnish! - oh no! i got the bottle! aargh! it hurts ooh but the orasnge is tasty, but IT HURTS SO MUCH
by Philly the willy February 23, 2005
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