Verb: A buttercup is a unique way in having someone else take a whiff, or in some cases, even a taste of a fart. All that needs to be done is when you feel it comming on, you cup your hand over the exit, catch the fart, and cup it over someone's nose and mouth. In some cases, "the thrower" can smell their own to make sure that it is a "good" one.
Kyle ralphed after he had tasted Joe's buttercup.
by whoflungpoo August 17, 2006
cup your hand around your butt hole, fart into your cuped hand, place cuped hand over friend or nearest stranger's nose. laugh then repeat.
I totally just butter cuped you.... sorry bro you might get pink eye"
by BrookeAD October 14, 2008
The life of the party, takes part in scandalous and racy activities, often mistaken for out of control and misbehaved, enjoys making rash decisions, handles rumors and social discrimination better than anyone, many are jealous of her vivacious past and are envious of her go getter mentality, she doesn't seek attention but always recieves it, a queen of rebellion and a charming bitch, she'll rule the world.
Brittney has been considered to be a buttercup ever since she got really drunk and pulled the neighboring fraternity house fire alarm as a prank.
by Wandel's Little May 14, 2010
When one cups their hand over their butt, farts into it and then releases it into an unsuspecting victim's face, and shouts out buttercup!!
Cassidy just got buttercupped by April.
by meow4life December 20, 2013
The act of crushing a plastic and/or polystyrene cup on the head of a chum whilst they are unaware, shouting "BUTTERCUP" at the same time.

This tradition originates from the medieval era, when wealthy noblemen would smash butter-filled wooden mugs over their subordinates' heads before having them brutally executed. The reason for this practice are unknown, yet it is believed that it derives from the old legend of 'Stephen Buttermire', a cow who had been gifted with the ability to produce pure butter as opposed to milk. Peasants used to collect his seed in clay cups for the winter, and his village of Dairy-on-Sea became famous across the land because of Stephen's gift (a statue of Stephen still remains in what still stands of the medieval town).

The original Old English phrase was "Cuppeth Thy Butter", which loosely translates as buttercup in modern language. Throughout the ages, this juvenile game has remained a global phenomenon, sprouting several festivals across the world, including the 'Buttero Cuppo Del Grande' during the Spanish summer, and 'Le Fete de Coup Beurre' in Paris every seventh year.
Jimmy sat quietly at the table, sipping his soup daintily.


Henry smashed the cup full-force over Jimmy's head, causing his head to fall unconciously in his boiling broccoli soup.
by Doveboi, P.Hicky and Kingapin February 16, 2011
When you catch a fart in your hand (make sure its warm and smells disgusting) and throw your hand in someone's face.
Josh: Hey! Uncle Tom! I totally just buttercupped your son!

Uncle Tom: That's nice. I'm sure he'll love you for that one!
by JohnnyChest July 29, 2010
A girl that you build up just to let down.
Why do you build me up Buttercup, just to let me down and mess me around
by Louie Kay September 03, 2006

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